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“Drift” (Things Created by People)

A short story is a thing, created by a person or people; so it makes sense that the lovely folk over at Things Created By People, a a digital zine published by Roving Brooklyn, have published my short story Drift alongside lovely work including a fierce essay about Weimar artist Hannah Höch, the above photo and others by Elena Mudd, and some thinking about Dolly Parton that has been bouncing around my head all weekend.

From my story:

Swollen, distended, blue, the body floated towards me. The man had been muscular, with the body of an athlete, but water had bloated the fingers into fat sausages, pulled the slack skin up off his torso so it twitched nervously with each change in the waves. The distended penis floated on the surface. I heard the girls scream as the body approached the pier feet first, the last thing I saw before it dipped underneath were the eyes – open, green and glassy – and the loose, rotting jaw.

As always click through the quote to read, and enjoy yr warmth where you find it.

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