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Review of Michelangelo Signorile’s “It’s Not Over” (Lambda Literary)

My review of Michelangelo Signorile’s It’s Not Over was published today in Lambda Literary, the amazing LGBT book review. Click through the quote to read:

In the seminal Queer in America, written in 1990, Signorile laid at least part of the blame for quietude in the face of the devastation of AIDS at the feet of the inhabitants of what he called “the closets of power”—rich, white gay and lesbian couples who distanced themselves from any form of activism that threatened their social positions by destroying their ability to remain respectfully discreet.

But surely the closets of power are still full of shoes. Most if not all of their residents have come out by now, and through the marshaling of tremendous economic power, they will soon have won themselves and everyone else the right to equal marriage. At least en masse though, they still won’t be associated with mass organizing or endorse the kinds of comprehensive social and economic justice agendas required to end, rather than just talk about, the physical and economic violence habitually done to queer folks by individuals and the state.

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