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‘What Are We For’: Harry Hay and the Left (OutHistory)

Incredibly excited and honored to have “What Are We For: Harry Hay and the Left” appear today on the incredible LGBT historical archive/site OutHistory in honor of what would have been Harry’s 103rd birthday. The balance of the time I spent in combing the annals of History attempting to find…

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Dramaturg’s Note | The Walk Across America For Mother Earth (Circuit Theatre Company)

Prepared for the Circuit Theatre Company‚Äôs performance of The Walk Across America for Mother Earth by Taylor Mac, at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA. — The Radical Faeries are a decentralized group, one that defies easy description and categorization. Generally speaking, Radical Faeries are queers (many also identify…

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Efrain Gonzalez Chronicled NYC’s Seedy, Glorious West Side Nightlife (Gothamist)

New York City photographer Efrain John Gonzalez says he’s “not a professional photographer, just OCD.” He describes his work as telling “a story of people finding the path to their souls, finding their bliss with piercings, branding, cuttings, tattoos, latex, implants, leather, and a whole lot of radical sex and…

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