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A Queer Ear: Paul Bowles’ “Music of Morocco” (Pelican Bomb)

How Paul Bowles’ recordings of traditional Moroccan music might have served an agenda of resistance. Three Americans—a woman, her husband, and his friend—sit in a café in Morocco a few years after the end of World War II. The woman, bored, muses…

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The Queer Art of History and Larry Kramer’s The American People (Soonest Mended)

Click through the quote to read at Soonest Mended: I too believe in a queer volksgeist — a unique cultural and social approach, a rainbow lens through which we see the world. I believe this volksgeist is shaped by our sense of…

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Review of Emmanuel Levy’s “Gay Directors, Gay Films?” (Lambda Literary)

A mostly-salty review of a book with potential that fudged the execution: undertheorized and exclusionary. Click through the quote to read: The notion that there is a distinctly gay gaze and sensibility in the work of openly gay directors “has not been…

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Review of Michelangelo Signorile’s “It’s Not Over” (Lambda Literary)

My review of Michelangelo Signorile’s It’s Not Over was published today in Lambda Literary, the amazing LGBT book review. Click through the quote to read: In the seminal Queer in America, written in 1990, Signorile laid at least part of the blame…

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