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Category: Journalism & Criticism

In the Archives | Friedrich Radszuweit and the False Security of Collaboration (OUTHistory)

Accommodation and collaboration are moral and political failures, even on their own terms. There is no sure path to safety except to win the fight for the kind of world we want. On the blog at OUTHistory today discussing gay fascists and…

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Gay Loneliness Is Real—but “Bitchy, Toxic” Culture Isn’t the Full Story (Slate)

For Slate’s Outward vertical, a response to Michael Hobbes’ “The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness:” We cannot think about how we might be better to each other without thinking about who we are, and who we have been, and who we might become.…

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Timely Tribute: The Rise and Fall of Opera’s Voices (Pelican Bomb)

Thoughts on what an opera singer must give up in order to achieve divadom. An anecdote from Wayne Koestenbaum at soprano Anna Moffo’s wake: “I signed the ‘Relatives and Friends’ book, but didn’t write down my address. I feared that her stepchild…

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A Queer Ear: Paul Bowles’ “Music of Morocco” (Pelican Bomb)

How Paul Bowles’ recordings of traditional Moroccan music might have served an agenda of resistance. Three Americans—a woman, her husband, and his friend—sit in a café in Morocco a few years after the end of World War II. The woman, bored, muses…

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